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Métropole Films mandates us to promote its movies on Television. We provide our expertise to develop their TV advertising based on the movie trailer or directly from the movie. We also translate their English trailers and convert them in DCP format for the movie theatres.

«Working with Cinézone is the advantage of working with an external team that understands our needs as if they were internal. Always of good advice, they meet the customer's choice. There is nothing impossible with Cinézone their imagination goes beyond the scope of the screen!»

Ariane Giroux-Dallaire, Head of Distribution, Métropole Films

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Films Seville is a branch of E ONE Entertainment. We are working with this distributor on a regular basis for the release of the American movies they distribute in Quebec. This partnership gave us the opportunity to contribute to the success of their best franchise: The Twilight Saga.

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Sony Pictures Releasing Canada  is our very first client. They have been with us before the creation of Cinezone. Through the years we have crafted all their French-version TV spots, as well as other marketing tools such as  Wraps, Lower Thirds, and full-motion-video digital advertisements (English and French) for media suppliers such as Pattison, NewAd, CBS Mall IMA Outdoor, and Metrovision. Although we focus on the Quebec market, we also produce for English Canada, and our productions have been repurposed for the United States.

« Sony Pictures has worked with Yves Moniere and his team long before the advent of CineZone! The scope of work they do for us keeps expanding as technology evolves, and their excellent work and work ethics proves that they are up to any task we throw at them. We receive so many compliments from our partners in Quebec, Canada and beyond. It is always a real pleasure! »

-Donna Slack, Vice President, Media, Sony Pictures Releasing Canada

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Tele-Quebec was the first broadcaster to work with Cinezone to create many of its TV advertising and self-promotion. The amazing working relationship that has been established allows us to exploit our creativity to the fullest.

"I work closely with Cinezone for the purposes of commercial production for Télé-Québec. The creativity and efficiency they show are at the level of what most demanding customers can expect. Constantly looking for solutions, rigorous and responsive to customer needs, Cinezone proves to be a leading contributor in the development of creative projects. I feel a great satisfaction to work with them, not only in terms of results but also throughout the production process. "

Annie Villeneuve Media Creativity | Sales, marketing and financing

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Universal Studios Canada including Universal Pictures and Universal Home Entertainment, have entrusted the French adaptation of broadcast TV and Radio advertising materials for their movies to Cinezone in Quebec. This expertise has contributed to the box office success of theatrical releases, as well as DVD and BLU-RAY sales in the Quebec market.

" Cinezone understands our business and how it translates, not only in language but also in delivering the Universal cinema experience across the different media activation channels."

Janice Doyle, Vice President – Media, Universal Films Canada

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Welcome to the Cinezone site

Cinezone is a family-owned post-production company based in Quebec. With almost 10 years’ experience, Cinezone has specialized itself in the French adaptation of movie advertising, as well as in the creation of advertising materials for broadcast television and the online community. Our expertise permits us to offer efficient services with superior quality.

We work closely with our clients to develop a production strategy based on their needs, their objectives and their budget. Our innate understanding of the Quebec market and experience ensures our clients receive the best production value for this market.

We pride ourselves on CLIENT LOYALTY & SERVICE EXCELLENCE which has given us an enviable reputation, confirmed by the quality of the clients we serve and their continued support year after year.


All the services you need under the same roof!

Developing creative concepts that suit your brand

Music creation and Music search

Video Post Production:
- Video Editing
- Motion Graphics
- Encoding for all formats
- Video Transfer
- 2D & 3D Animation
- Modeling & Compositing
- Sound Post Production
- DCP Package (Trailer in theatres)
- Voice Recording
- Sound Editing
- Sound Mixing
- Dubbing


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